General Assignment Classrooms – Summer 2016 Renovations

Educational Technology Systems renovated 12 General Assignment classrooms with the assistance of Facilities Management and Design and Project Management Office. Eight smaller classrooms in Geology, Slichter, and Young; Four larger auditoriums located in the Court of Sciences and Moore Hall.

Each classroom received new flooring, seating, paint, lighting, and technology. New seating improved the capacity of each classroom. All lighting upgrades used newer LED setups, getting rid of the need for bulb replacements. Technology upgrades in each classroom provided touch screen classroom computers, Blu-ray players, and Document Cameras. Classroom Technology, Design and Maintenance successfully managed the installation of all technology upgrades.

The Court of Sciences three auditoriums (CS24, CS50, CS76) were renovated in a larger scale. It was important to make the auditoriums comfortable for students and faculty. Each auditorium now has triple projection, meaning instructors can have three unique projections at one time. An instructor can project the contents of the document camera, the classroom computer, and their own laptop at the same time.

Moore Hall, Room 100 was an exceptional challenge for renovations. The historical significance in the room made it difficult for upgrades; not wanting to damage the character of the room was a high priority. In the end, it also received all of the upgrades mentioned, giving it an entirely new look.

Other smaller classrooms have also been updated!

  • Geology 3656, 4645, 4660, 6704
  • Young 1044, 2200, 4216
  • Slichter 2834

Outside Study Spaces

ETS also helped initiate new outside study spaces between Humanities and Powell Library for Fall 2016. Each table and bench includes an electrical outlet with the ability to charge laptops or cell phones. WiFi coverage is also enhanced in the same area. Students have come to enjoy the outside seating and have asked for more areas around campus to be renovated. Many students posted favorably on Instagram, on the @UCLA page.