Haines A44

Haines A44 – First General Assignment Active Learning Classroom

Haines A44

OID Educational Technology Systems, in cooperation with Facilities Management, has created the first general assignment Active Learning Classroom at UCLA – Haines A44.

The room is available for use in Fall 2018, and will be offered for scheduling first to those faculty who will make use of the special features of the space.

With a capacity of 40, and moveable tables and chairs, the room can be configured for collaborative work as well as more traditional modes. There is one projector and screen in the front of the room, and four interactive whiteboards, with the ability to share data in multiple ways. Power can be supplied to the student stations, and a solid wifi network supplies connectivity.

OID has been hosting open house sessions in the room. The remaining two are Wednesday February 14th and Thursday February 15th, 8:15 – 9:15 AM. Faculty and instructors who attend the open houses will be given the first opportunity to schedule classes in Fall 2018. Arrangements can be made with the Registrar to move classes currently scheduled in other rooms to Haines A44. Two additional spaces in Boelter Hall will be renovated this summer and converted to Active Learning Classrooms. They will be available for scheduling on a limited bases in Fall 2018, and more widely usable in Winter 2019.

If you are unable to attend the open houses or have questions or need further information, please contact Rob Rodgers via email (rrodgers@oid.ucla.edu) or at x44872.