Instructional Media Production

OID’s Instructional Media Production Brings State-of-the-Art Video Creation to Online and Blended Learning

Instructional Media Production (IMP) is the video production unit under OID with a focus on supporting online video instruction for faculty, staff, students, and the UCLA administration.

IMP’s bread and butter is usually fully online course production – from beginning to end – usually allotting tens of hours for completed videos. It can vary anywhere from 30-50 separate 15-25 minute video segments per course or 10-12 separate 3-hour video segments per course. At times they may be in production on multiple online courses concurrently.

With a large, fully equipped studio space in CHS with historic and up-to-date equipment, IMP can accommodate different styles of filming. In addition to green screen and a learning glass as the main modes of filming, IMP is one of the only video units on campus with mobile capabilities and often films across campus. IMP provides support for campus events such as the Faculty Research Lectures and OID’s own Night to Honor Teaching hosted annually at the Chancellor’s Residence. Videos of awardees’ short interviews about teaching broadcast at that event each autumn are also on OID’s website. Below you will find a video that showcases some of what IMP does.

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