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UCLA Presents on URM Student Success at Texas A&M

Marc Levis-Fitzgerald, Director of the Center for Educational Assessment at OID, and Kelly Wahl, Director of Statistical Analysis & Assessment Coordinator in the College of Letters & Science, were invited to present at the Engaging National Leaders in Undergraduate Student Success Conference held at Texas A&M University on February 20, 2018.

Marc and Kelly presented on programs and initiatives at UCLA that support underrepresented, minority (URM) students and described the use of data to determine the impact of these programs. UCLA is among the top universities in the country for success among URM students, and UCLA presenters were honored for the opportunity to share their work with other institutions. This letter to UCLA’s EVC Scott Waugh from the Assistant Provost of Texas A&M, Timothy Scott, expresses his appreciation for UCLA’s participation and impressive work in this area.

As Marc notes, “OID provides assessment support to faculty across campus, and we lean towards embedded assessment, rather than top-down assessment. This approach invites faculty into the process and allows us to work collaboratively to understand findings.”