Physics students remote experience

CAT Grant Contributes to Remote Learning Success for Physics Labs

In Spring 2019, CAT awarded an Instructional Improvement Major Grant to Professor Katsushi Arisaka, Professor Jay Hauser, and Dr. George Trammell in Physics & Astronomy for a proposal titled “New Development of Hands-on Physics Laboratory for Scientists and Engineers: Revising Physics 4AL and 4BL.”

The proposal was for revisions to the current Physics 4AL and 4BL courses. These courses are amongst the largest lab-based undergraduate education programs at UCLA, offered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Through upgrades to Physics 4AL and 4BL, students will be better equipped to:

  • Problem solve and build solutions as the next generation of scientists and engineers.
  • Understand and apply fundamental principles of physics in the context of rapid technological advancements in daily life.
  • Demonstrate mastery of the latest computer hardware and software tools.

The following three specific concepts are emphasized:

  • Designing new labs with clear scientific aims, based on well-defined top-down hypotheses.
  • Taking full advantage of the latest data collection technology, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
  • Data gathering and analysis using modern and mainstream computer programming, such as Python-based JupyterLab.

With the COVID-19 situation and move to remote instruction, the professors and TAs were able to utilize these revised concepts and tools to quickly convert their labs to a remote format.

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