CAT’s Learning Spaces – Classroom Technology, Design and Maintenance Upgrades La Kretz 110

Classroom Technology, Design and Maintenance (CTDM) completed an Audio Visual system upgrade to La Kretz 110.

La Kretz 110 is one of the largest classrooms on the south side of campus with a capacity of 351 seats and was the first auditorium to receive a dual projection system in 2009. Since the room is heavily used by classes and events throughout the year, CTDM technicians had been looking for the appropriate window to upgrade the AV system without having to take the room offline from scheduling.

CTDM found this opportunity during the 2019 Spring Break. The crew worked throughout the week and installed a new digital AV system that was ready for instructors by the first day of Spring Quarter. Upgrades include a new classroom computer with a large touch screen monitor, a rotating document camera that can be accessed from multiple sides of the lectern, and a Blu-ray/DVD player. A new input cubby was also installed that included a HDMI connection as well as the standard VGA cable.

Overall, the new AV system has everything that other, larger auditoriums have received in recent renovations, e.g., Court of Sciences 24, 50, 76; Moore 100; and Haines 39. The ability to upgrade an auditorium’s entire AV system during a one week break is a first for the team and a huge success for CAT’s CTDM.