CEA provides assessment support for all stages of the grant lifecycle. Our researchers draw on expertise in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods inquiry to create and implement assessment plans tailored for each project. Examples of our collaborations funded through external grants include assessment of:

  • Courselets (NIH 5R25GM114822)
  • Integrating Liberal Arts Foundations in the Engineering Undergraduate Experience (Teagle Foundation)
  • Pathways to Success (HHMI)
  • Quantum Biology Center (NSF RCN-2105474; Kavli Foundation; Moore Foundation)
  • Research Deconstruction (California Education Learning Lab OPR 19174)
  • Robert Noyce Scholarship Program (NSF DUE-1035164​)
  • TANMS Engineering Research Center (NSF EEC-1160504)

CEA also supports faculty-driven curricular innovation through CAT’s Instructional Improvement Grants. For more information about Instructional Improvement grants and activities, including previous awards, please contact the Instructional Improvement Group.


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