CEA supports program review through a variety of assessment strategies. Previous efforts have incorporated analyses of existing institutional and survey data as well as project-specific data collected via focus groups, interviews, and student surveys.

UCLA Senior Survey

The annual UCLA Senior Survey collects feedback from graduating seniors regarding their academic and social experiences, campus life, and post-graduate plans; over the past decade, it has become a powerful tool to support program review and wide-ranging efforts to improve teaching and learning on campus. For the 2022 administration, CEA piloted a customizable bank of questions, inviting departments with upcoming program reviews to design their own survey items. Two majors and two minors have participated so far in this new opportunity, with questions about equity and inclusion at the forefront.

Academic programs can readily access our Senior Survey dashboards for annual summary reports as well as longitudinal trends. Program/department-specific summaries of survey data are also available by request.


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