Notice Regarding Classroom Microphones and Camera Remote Controls for the 2022-23 Academic Year.

AVS will return to checking out classroom microphones individually to instructors, starting in Fall Quarter 2022. Camera remote controls will still be delivered to classrooms that have streaming or recording capability.

Notice Regarding Recording and Streaming Capability

If you are teaching in person in a general assignment classroom and would like to record your lectures, either for the whole term or to accommodate absent students, your options depend on the equipment in your classroom. Please search classroom information and note whether your room has Zoom streaming, BruinCast video, BruinCast audio, or no built-in recording capability, then click on the corresponding scenario below. If your classroom is not listed, it is departmentally-controlled and its local IT support can assist you. Also visit the CAT Keep Teaching – Pedagogy site for more information about managing in-person classes with some students absent.

Zoom Streaming

You will be able to record your lectures by running a Zoom session on the classroom computer (or your laptop), integrated with a camera in the room and a wireless microphone. See Zoom Streaming instructions here.

This live-streaming an in-person, including with student participation guide shares a couple of tech tools and strategies you can use to facilitate lecture.

BruinCast Video

Register here to have your lectures recorded for the entire quarter. Requests may exceed capacity. If you wish to record only when students are absent, and your room also has Zoom Streaming, see above. If your room does not have Zoom Streaming, please contact as soon as the need arises.

BruinCast Audio

Register here to set up audio recordings. If audio alone isn’t sufficient and you lecture using slides, one simple solution is to share the audio file and the slides with the students. For other scenarios, see No built-in recording capability below.

No built-in recording capability

A thorough discussion of options can be found in this DIY Guide for Recording In-Person Lectures. This video gives a brief overview of some options. Local support staff in many divisions and schools can also assist.

  • If you lecture using slides, one simple solution is to project the slides from within a Zoom session and record the session. Or you can forgo recording the slides while you’re lecturing and simply make that file available to students along with recorded audio.
  • If you usually write on the board, consider instead writing on a tablet and capturing that input in your Zoom session.
  • There are a variety of ways to record your speech to your laptop or other device. If you are not using a mic, you will need to be near your device and facing it. This constraint can be mitigated by wearing Bluetooth earbuds or another type of wireless mic that is connected to your device. See further instructions for audio recording in the DIY Guide for Recording In-Person Lectures.

This live-streaming an in-person, including with student participation guide shares a couple of tech tools and strategies you can use to facilitate lecture.

You may also find this Technology and Access Guide from CEILS to be helpful in thinking through your options.


Audio Visual Services (AVS) provides equipment, support, and training on classroom equipment at no cost for undergraduate courses, provided that the equipment complements or enhances the lecture during the scheduled class time. There may be a charge for uses other than undergraduate and Letters & Sciences graduate courses. Please call to confirm. AVS also provide some portable audio-visual equipment for departmental events and meetings.

AVS reserves resources on a first-come-first-serve basis. We recommend that audio visual requests be made as soon as possible.

If you wish to use AVS equipment or services and you are not with a UCLA department, please see related info for AVS policies on charged services.


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