This page provides a listing of audio-visual (AV) equipment either installed in classrooms or available for checkout.

AV equipment may be obtained in two ways:

  • Most general assignment classrooms have AV systems already installed, and that equipment may be used free of charge for regularly scheduled undergraduate courses and some graduate courses. There is a charge to use the AV system otherwise.
  • Users may make reservations to pick up equipment that either works with classroom systems (e.g. wireless microphones) or is completely independent of that. Equipment that is used for undergraduate courses during regular instructional hours is generally free of charge.
  • Currently (Academic Year 22-23), AVS currently offers only checkout of equipment and does not provide equipment set-up or operation. AVS also offers a limited set of equipment for checkout.
Equipment Description Rate
Wired Microphone Comes with a XLR microphone extension cable and either a table or floor stand. $10.00 / day
Wireless Microphone Package A receiver with either a wireless handheld or lavalier (lapel) microphone. Comes with XLR microphone extension cable and power supply. $24.00 / day
Wireless Microphone (Classroom) A lavalier (lapel) microphone that works with a classroom’s voice amplification system. $24.00 / day
Fender Passport 300 Watt Fender Passport Sound System. Comes with two speakers with stands and allows up to four microphone or line inputs. Microphones not included. $56.00 / day
Installed Classroom AV System Installed AV system, mainly the classroom data/video projector with source inputs and players. Microphones needs to be checked out separately. AV system rental does not include the installed classroom computer or any recording /streaming functions. $100.00 / day
Quarterly Rate (for weekly events and meetings). Same policies as above. $375.00 / quarter