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CCLE Moodle 3.4 Upgrade Launched on June 19, 2018

The CCLE Home Team has been working the past six months to meet our June 19th deadline to upgrade to Moodle 3.4. Since we use the open source course management system Moodle platform to deliver online courses for UCLA’s undergraduate courses and collaboration sites, we must have a model of continuous improvement to meet the needs and expectations of our students, faculty, staff and researchers.

What’s New in Moodle 3.4?

You may be interested in knowing some stats about CCLE and our recent upgrade:

  • Before CCLE there were 22 various CMS solutions on campus, now there are only a few: CCLE Home and Social Sciences Computing share a common code base on their respective servers. Think of these two systems as identical twins with slightly different hairstyles. Check out links below to see for yourself.
  • Some interesting data points about the Moodle 3.4 upgrade:
    • 17 developers from SSC, CDH, Chemistry and CCLE Home
    • 93,176 line changes in the code from previous version of Moodle 3.1
    • 319 tickets created related to the upgrade and 252 tickets closed (complete)
    • 210 hours of meetings discussing the upgrade (Support, Scrum, Backlog grooming and Product Owners meetings)

CCLE has come a long way since 2007 (pilot year). CCLE Home Team grew from an FTE of 3 (2009) to 6 (2015). The changes become really apparent when you compare today’s Moodle 3.4 version with the earlier Moodle 2.0 user interface in 2012.

More about CCLE:

As you might expect with a popular and extensively used system, upgrades are always on the horizon. In fact, we are already planning for the next Moodle 3.5 upgrade (scheduled in 2019).

CCLE encourages all campus system users to tell us what you think! Email us with your feedback: Amber Stokes, CCLE Support Coordinator,