Mathematical Sciences 5138

Capacity: 40
Data Projection: Yes
Classroom Computer: Yes
Video Playback: Inputs Only
Sound System: Media Only
Live Stream Capable: Yes
Recording: None
WiFi: Yes
Furniture: Fixed


Data Projection

  • A Projector is installed in the ceiling. It can project either video or data.
  • A Touch Screen Classroom Computer is installed within the media cabinet.
  • A VGA and HDMI Cable is available on the media cabinet for laptop connection.
  • Laptops that have only DVI output will need their own adapter to connect to the VGA cable.

Video Playback

  • A VGA and HDMI cable is available for media player connection.
  • Blu-ray / VHS players are available for checkout from Audio Visual Services.

Internet Access

  • The room is designed for WiFi availability for students and faculty.
  • Two Ethernet jacks are available on the wall. There is also an additional Ethernet jack available on the Media Cabinet.
  • The Touch Screen Classroom Computer has its own connection and is already configured to the Classroom Network.
  • For instructions on connecting to the Internet, visit the Classroom Network section.

Sound System

  • HDMI and mini-audio (1/8″) cables are available to connect media devices (laptops, portable devices, media players, etc.).
  • The Touch Screen Classroom Computer and video players are connected to the system for sound support.
  • There is no voice amplification system available in this room.

Live Streaming & Web-Conference

  • This classroom is equipped with a camera to allow for live streaming and web-conferencing. The camera is connected to the installed classroom computer and can be accessed through Zoom. The room’s wireless microphone system transmits to the computer as well, so the instructor needs to just launch a Zoom session from the computer. To control the camera, AVS can provide a remote control. For more information, please visit the Live Stream & Web-Conference webpage.

Optical Equipment

  • A transparency projector has been permanently assigned to this room.