Dear New Students,

Thank you for visiting our webpage and for your interest in participating in this important process!  We encourage you to take a look at the following information as it helps to shape the quality of education at UCLA.

EIP helps improve the UCLA teaching and learning experience!

Our office facilitates student evaluations of instructors, courses, and curricula.  Our purpose is to give instructors student feedback to enhance the learning experience.

Below are a few video clips to watch about the importance of evaluations from three different perspectives: Student, Teaching Assistant, and Professor.

Danica Dulay, EIP Student Assistant:

Dani Smith, Teaching Assistant:

Professor Shanna Shaked:

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Online evaluations help save over 4,700 pounds of paper every year!


  • Deeply valuing the feedback of students, UC President Charles Hitch first implemented that evaluation of instruction be a requirement in 1969.
  • The “Task Force on the Evaluation of Teaching” was formed in 1970. Its mission was to assess departmental and student evaluation practices at the University.
  • Following the Task Force guidelines, the Evaluation of Instruction Program (ElP) has provided its service to the Bruin community under UCLA’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) .
  • ElP now facilitates over 7,700 instructor and course surveys each quarter, and serves over 125 departments and programs.
  • UCLA’s online evaluation system collects students’ responses and ratings anonymously and confidentially.
  • ElP provides aggregated reports to instructors and departments for instructional development.


Students’ confidentiality is taken seriously at ElP. We understand the importance of student anonymity in collecting candid feedback. Here are some frequently asked questions about evaluations:

Q: What is the purpose of student evaluation of instruction?

A: It is a great opportunity for you to voice your opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of your instructors, courses, and curricula. This leads to better informed instruction and better student learning experiences.

Q: Who reads student evaluation of instruction ratings and comments?

A: Department chairs, instructors, and TAs receive reports with the course ratings averaged and students’ written comments. Your opinions are taken seriously.

Q: How do I know when to fill out my evaluations?

A: You will receive an email at the end of the quarter that includes the deadline and instructions on how to access and complete your evaluations.  Evaluations can be filled out from a computer, on smart phones, or on tablet devices. For more details on the online evaluation process, please visit:

Q: Will my grades be influenced by my evaluation?

A: No. Instructors and TAs are not able to see evaluation reports until after they have turned in grades.

Q: Will instructors link my answers back to me?

A: No. Your answers to evaluation surveys are anonymous and confidential responses are stored in a secure database that is not connected to your identity.

Q: How long is the survey?

A: Surveys typically take 10-15 minutes to complete.