UPDATE Summer, 2021: Due to the current UCLA health policies regarding COVID and concerns about in-person interactions we are not offering iClickers to borrow for in-class use for the foreseeable future.

If you currently have a iClicker you were unable to return from a previous quarter, please hold onto it. We’ll be arranging a mail-in program in Fall 2021.

For reference we’re including our iClicker policies below, with the expectation we’ll continue this service in 2022 depending on developing pedagogy and demand.

Can I rent an iClicker instead of buying one?  How does this work?

Students who are registered in a course that requires an iClicker can log in to lendme.teaching.ucla.edu, starting at 10:00 p.m. two days before the quarter starts (usually Saturday before a Monday, the first day of instruction). As long as there are clickers available, they can reserve one to be picked up within 2 days (not including Sundays — so that means you have Monday and Tuesday in most cases).

How do I reserve an iClicker, and where do I pick it up?

Go to lendme.teaching.ucla.edu and log in with your UCLA login ID credentials. Only students who are currently enrolled in a class that requires iClickers will be allowed to reserve one (as long as they are available). Reservations start at 10:00 p.m. two days before the first day of instruction begins.

The counter on the front webpage will show you how many currently remain in our rental pool.

The iClickers can be picked up (and returned at the end of the quarter) at the Media Lab in Powell Library, Room 270 (on the 2nd floor). Be sure to check the hours of the Media Lab, as they don’t exactly match the library’s hours.

Do you have other brands of clickers (e.g., TurningPoint, CPS IR)?

By far the most popular model on the UCLA campus is the iClicker2. We currently only offer that model for checkout.

I’m not enrolled yet; I’m only on the waitlist (or auditing the class).

In order to ensure our clickers are rented out to students who need them, we only accept reservations from students who are actually enrolled according to the registrar.

Once you have enrolled officially, you might want to try to reserve again, or you may have to purchase an iClicker.

I have 2 classes that require clickers. Should I reserve 2?

No, you can use one clicker for many classes. Instructors generally program their clicker base station with a unique code to receive responses only from the students in their classroom. See your syllabus for details.

Can 2 students use one iClicker?

No, 2 students cannot use one iClicker in the same classroom/course. Once the clicker is registered with the Instructor’s base station, it is “tied” to that student for that course for the quarter.

But two students can use one clicker in two different classes. Note that it will be checked out to one student and that student will be held responsible for the clicker.

How long can I keep the clicker?

Clickers are “checked out” to students with valid ID for the whole quarter. They are due back by the last day of Finals Week.

I won’t be able to pick up my clicker until next week. Will you hold it for me?

Reservations for clickers only last until 10:00 p.m. of the second full day of the reservation (2 days). If you do not pick it up by then, the clicker becomes available for checkout again and can be reserved by another student who will then have 2 days from then to pick it up.

So if any clickers weren’t picked up within two days, they’ll suddenly become available again that night at 10:00 p.m.?

That’s right (Hint: you have more than one chance to make a reservation).

I don’t have a computer. Can I just come in and check one out in person?

We need to keep track through our online system. If you come in and there are clickers available, we’ll log in right there and reserve one for you in the Media Lab.

So no one needs to ever buy a clicker again?

USAC created this project to be analagous to their textbook library, so the intent is not to supply clickers to everyone enrolled in a course that uses clickers. We have a limited number of clickers, about 500, which we estimate is about 5% of the total used during any one quarter. Demand is high, particularly during the first week of the quarter, and once they’re all rented they’re gone until the next quarter. Chances are you won’t be able to reserve one and will need to purchase your clicker. That said, often people make reservations but don’t pick up their clicker, so check the site again during the first few days of the quarter.

I’m going to need an iClicker next quarter for another class. Can I just keep this one?

No, we require that all clickers get returned in good working order at the end of the quarter and then reserved/checked out again (and to give everyone an opportunity to check them out).

What if I don’t return it?

We send out a handful of reminder emails before and during Finals Week. If we don’t receive your clicker by the first week of the next quarter, your BAR account will be charged for the full replacement price.

I’m registered for a course that requires iClickers, but it won’t let me reserve one.

Either you’re too late (they’re all gone), or you’re too early. Reservations don’t open up until 10:00 p.m. two days before the first day of instruction for the quarter.

The majority of students are back by the first day of instruction, and this gives everyone an equal opportunity to reserve clickers and 2 full days to pick it up.

My course requires iClickers, but the website says I’m not registered in a class that requires them.

We obtain our list of classes that require clickers from the UCLA bookstore. Instructors must inform the bookstore that they require iClickers for their course (and are not just recommended) in order for our database to reflect the course is eligible.

(If you are an instructor and your students are not able to check out iClickers from us, please contact the bookstore to ensure they list iClickers as a required item for your course.)

I lost my clicker! (Or it got stolen, or I spilled coffee on it.) What do I do?

If you don’t return your clicker, your BAR account will be charged for the full replacement cost. You will not be charged until the beginning of next quarter, even if you tell us now (although we appreciate the heads up).

If your iClicker is lost, you may want to wait in case it turns up again. If your iClicker is damaged, please let us know what happened. In rare mitigating circumstances, we may waive the replacement charge.

You may also purchase a replacement iClicker yourself and return that one to us at the end of the quarter, and you will not be charged. Be sure to let us know you are replacing your lost/damaged iClicker with a new one at the time of return so we can properly process your account and not double-charge you.

Do you also check out a iClicker during the summer quarter?

No, at this time we’re limiting the iClicker program to the academic year only.

If you have any other questions not covered by this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Roger Brown
IMCS Manager

USAC Financial Supports Commissioner