Whom do I contact if I need a DVD player (or VCR for my classroom?

Audio Visual Services handles all equipment requests. Please contact them at 310-206-6591, or avs@ucla.edu. Most general assignment classrooms are already equipped with the needed playback machines.

If the DVD of a TV show isn’t available, can I watch something taped from off-air?

Yes, but within strict time limits. Please see the policy for off-air recording of broadcast programming for educational purposes.

Can I get a copy of a film in the IMCS collection?

Only in limited circumstances. We can only provide copies of titles for which we hold the rights to duplicate and distribute only, usually produced by UCLA, with a fee. Please consult the IMCS for further information.

How can I get a 16mm or 3/4″ tape held in the Southern Regional Library Facility?

Contact the IMCS and we can establish if the items are able to be viewed. 16mm films can only be viewed in our office in 46 Powell with an advance appointment. 3/4″ tapes (U-matics) are mostly unplayable at this date, but if still playable may be viewed in the Media Lab, and in some cases can be transferred to a less obsolete format. Also keep in mind that paging from SRLF takes a few days so make requests as early as possible. Please make arrangements with the IMCS.

I am a student and I would like to use a film for a class presentation. Can I check it out myself?

Your professor or TA must make advance arrangements with the IMCS to check it out for you. Then, you can use the film for your presentation for a designated period of time.

How can I put a video on reserve for my students?

Please see the Placing Reserves page.

As a TA, am I eligible for mini-grants?

Yes, but the maximum award amount differs than that for faculty. Please see the Mini-Grants page for details.

Will you deliver videos to my classroom?

The IMCS does not deliver media to the classroom. Materials circulating to classrooms must be picked up and returned in person to the IMCS office in Powell 46.