Media Sales ensures that UCLA-produced materials continue to be available to individuals and institutions that have found them valuable over the years. All of our titles are available for purchase in either VHS or DVD formats. New titles are added frequently.

A brief listing of available programs:

  • Mastery Teaching (20 episodes)
  • Revising Business Prose and Prose Therapy: Writing for Biomedical Journals
  • Aspects of Animal Behavior (30 episodes)
  • Galapagos: Laboratory of Evolution (10 episodes)
  • General Chemistry (6 episodes)
  • Introductory Organic Chemistry (10 episodes)
  • Asian Performing Arts Summer Institute (19 episodes)
  • Classical Performing Arts Friendship Mission of Japan (15 episodes)
  • UCLA Faculty Research Lectures (25 episodes – 2 added every year)
  • UCLA programming broadcast on UCTV (about 20 titles, with new ones added often)

Media Sales is also interested in materials that faculty may have produced and feel deserve a wider audience. Please contact us if you think you may have something appropriate.

Media Sales is a joint venture of the Instructional Media Collections & Services and Instructional Media Production.

Please contact us at 310-206-1248 or toll-free (outside the Los Angeles area) 877-958-2200. Or email us at