Instructional Media Production (IMP) offers a professional level of expertise and service to help produce video and audio for projects that support the academic, administrative, or research mission of the university. Our team can be hired for productions in our studio or on location at UCLA. We offer support for creating individual elements such as graphics, voice-overs, or on-camera introductions as well as support for more complex projects like video storytelling or fully online courses. We have been involved in the successful design and production of many of UCLA’s hybrid and online courses, UC’s ILTI online courses, as well as major campus events and awards.

Projects that directly support the undergraduate curriculum may qualify for in-kind support from the Center for the Advancement of Teaching via the Instructional Improvement Grant Program, while other projects will be subject to the University’s interdepartmental recharge process. Please contact IMP for more information or to obtain a quote for your project or grant.

Videos produced by IMP include:

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62-073 Center for Health Sciences (CHS)

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Phone: 310-825-7771

Introducing the Learning Glass

One of the services offered by Instructional Media Production is filming using the Learning Glass, shown below. For more information, contact CAT’s Instructional Media Production at 310-825-7771.