What is the Classroom Network? Where is it available?

The Classroom Network provides access to the UCLA Campus Backbone and the Internet from a General Assignment (GA) Classroom. A Classroom Network Ethernet port is available in all GA classrooms, usually on the room’s media cabinet. To see what buildings have GA Classrooms, please visit our Classrooms section.

How do I connect to the Classroom Network?

In order to use the campus network from a GA Classroom, you will require the following configuration:

  1. A UCLA Logon ID Account (to establish an account call, go to the UCLA Identity and Accounts site).
  2. An Ethernet connector or appropriate adapter for your computer, and an Ethernet cable
  3. TCP/IP configured for DHCP, DNS set to and (Recommended).

Who do I contact for more information or to report problems while using the Classroom Network?

Please contact the Audio Visual Services department at avs@ucla.edu or 310-206-6597 to initially report a problem with a wired connection. They will coordinate with campus IT Services to resolve the issue.

What about classroom wireless access?

IT Services manages the wireless networking services on the campus. Information about coverage, access, and support is available on their Wireless Network Access site.