Good Classroom Practices

In order to ensure all classes are able to begin on time, the following guidelines are recommended to all instructors by the Academic Senate Committee on Teaching.

  1. Erase all chalkboards/whiteboards at the end of class.
  2. Leave all classrooms in a condition that allows the next class to begin without any interruptions.
  3. Instructor and students should be out of the classroom at least five minutes prior to the next class beginning.


Emergencies can arise from natural disasters and man-made hazards. It is UCLA’s goal that all faculty, staff, and students have the information they need to respond quickly and calmly during emergencies.

Each department has an emergency plan with departmental and campus contact information. The Department Manager/Building Coordinator can show you where it is. Please obtain a copy for your reference.

Suggestions for preparing for emergencies and disasters:

  • Know what to do and what resources are available before an incident occurs.
  • Assist in the emergency plan procedures by knowing the following:
    1. Exact room location (refer to room signage);
    2. Exit locations;
    3. University Emergency Contact Information: Police 310-825-1491 (x 51491) or 911 for Police/Fire/Ambulance
    4. Appropriate earthquake response;
    5. Nearest fire extinguisher; and,
    6. Evacuation area.

For faculty, please share the information with students by making a short announcement on the first day of class and use the Faculty/TA Emergency Planning Check List as a guide.

When an emergency occurs, please assist students in evacuating the classroom and building, and assemble at the designated evacuation area.

Planning in advance can help you react appropriately and safely when an emergency occurs. Please refer to the Campus Safety website for more information such as Bruin Alert, evacuation maps, the UCLA Emergency Response Plan and other Campus Safety resources.