Wireless Network Coverage – General Assignment Classrooms

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching began working with Information Technology Services in 2014 to help coordinate the installation of campus wireless networking services for the General Assignment Classrooms. Initially, the emphasis for campus wireless networks has been in popular public locations (e.g. Ackerman Union, Kerckhoff Hall, Powell Library, etc.). Due to the development of teaching tools as the rapid growth of mobile devices, CAT and IT Services recognized the need for this technology within the general assignment classrooms and developed a schedule to have all 192 rooms completed by the end of the 2015-2016 academic year.

In Spring Quarter 2014, IT Services piloted wireless network coverage in two of the largest auditoria, Franz 1178 and Moore 100, as well as five classrooms in Bunche Hall. For Fall Quarter 2014, they completed coverage in four additional auditoria as well as four classrooms on the 3rd floor of Math Sciences. Starting in Winter Quarter 2015, they have been completing wireless coverage on a monthly basis. To verify if a general assignment classroom has WiFi, see the classroom list for specific information provided for each room.

Term Classrooms Completed Total # GAC’s % GAC’s Completed
Fall 2012 Perloff 1022 1 0.5%
Spring 2014 Five Bunche Rooms (3rd Floor), Moore 100, Franz 1178 8 4.2%
Fall 2014 Kinsey Pavilion 1200B, 1220B, 1240B, Math Sciences 4000A, Five Math Sciences Rooms (3rd Floor) 16 8.3%
Winter 2015 – January Twelve Public Affairs Rooms (1st Floor) 28 14.6%
Winter 2015 – February Thirteen Math Sciences Rooms (5th Floor) 41 21.4%
Winter 2015 – March Thirteen Public Affairs Rooms (2nd Floor) 54 28.1%
Spring 2015 – April Eleven Royce rooms and Sixteen Boelter Rooms 81 42.2%
Spring 2015 – May/June Eighteen Bunche Rooms, Boelter 9436 100 52.1%
Summer 2015 – July Six Young rooms, Four Geology Rooms, Slichter 2834 111 57.8%
  Summer 2015 –      August Eleven Dodd Rooms and Sixteen Haines Rooms 138 72.4%

For more information about campus wireless networks, please visit the UCLA IT Services page.

UCLA Information Technology Services – Campus WiFi