The following is a list of publications from projects that were funded by IIP Grants that PIs have shared with us.


Grisham, W. (2009). Modular Digital Course in Undergraduate Neuroscience Education (MDCUNE): A Website Offering Free Digital Tools for Neuroscience Educators.Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, 8(1), A26-A31.

Grisham, W., Keller, L., & Schottler, N.(2015). Gel Scramble: An E-Tool for Teaching Molecular Neuroscience. Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education13(3):A174-A183

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Grisham, W., Schottler, N. A., Beck McCauley, L. M., Pham, A.P.*, Ruiz, M. L.*,Fong, M.C.*, & Cui, X.* (2011). Using digital images of the zebra finch song system as a tool to teach organizational effects of steroid hormones: A free downloadable module. CBE Life Sciences10(2),222-230.
–cover article
–featured in CBE Lifesciences “Highlights of 2011”

Grisham, W., Schottler, N. A., Valli-Marill, J., Beck, L. M., & Beatty, J. (2010). Teaching Bioinformatics and Neuroinformatics Using Free Web-based Tools. CBE Life Sciences. 9, 98–107.
–featured in CBE Lifesciences “Highlights of 2010”

Ramachandran, R., Sparck, E.M., & Levis-Fitzgerald, M. (2019). Investigating the effectiveness of using application-based science education videos in a general chemistry lecture course. Journal of Chemistry Education, 96(3), 479-485 (

Sellami, N., Shaked, S., Laski, F. A., Eagan, Sanders, E. R. (2017). Implementation of a Learning Assistant Program Improves Student Performance on Higher-Order Assessments. CBE Life Sciences Education 16(4).

Below are the awarded IIP Major Grant proposals from each academic year.


Below are the awarded IIP Major Grant proposals from 2022-2023

Department Proposal Title PI(s)
Asian Languages & Cultures Koreans in the World: Language History, and Society Sixiang Wang
Asian Languages & Cultures Development of a New Course “Water in Chinese Society” Min Li
Biomedical Research Empowering STEM Instructors in Inclusive Practices Kirsten Turlo, Amy Fluitt, Diana Rigueur
Chemistry & Biochemistry/
Academic Advancement Program
Investigating Systemic Factors that Exclude Students with Marginalized Racial Identities Miguel Garcia-Garibay, Morgan Howe, Albert Courey, Cecilia Rios-Aguilar, Shanna Shaked, Alice Ho
Chemistry & Biochemistry/
Physics & Astronomy/
Life Sciences Core Education
Identifying Patterns Associated with Increased Sense of Belonging Found in Enhanced General Chemistry Series Jennifer Casey, Albert Courey, Shanna Shaked, K. Supriya
Civil & Environmental Engineering Developing an Engineering Engaged Scholarship Course in Environmental Justice Regan Patterson
Design Lay of the Land, Eye in the Sky II Rebeca Mendez & Peter Lunenfeld
Design, English Diversifying and Improving Access to and Games Studies Resources at UCLA Eddo Stern & Daniel Snelson
Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Optimization of Experiential Lego-Based Labs for Introductory Computing: Response to Course Surveys Jonathan Aurnou
Electrical Engineering New Course Development Plan: Queered Science & Technology Studies Sergio Carbajo
Electrical Engineering/Writing Programs Further Development of Writing-II Courses within Engineering Majors Richard Wesel & Christine Holten
English Future Environments: Cities, Ecologies, Planets Ursula Heise
European Languages & Transcultural Studies Reimagining the ELTS Senior Capstone Seminar David Kim
History Developing a Public History Toolkit, Phase II Tawny Paul & Muriel McClendon
Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology Assessing the Effectiveness of Virtual Laboratory Course Adaptations Carrie Spratford
Mathematics A more equitable grading scheme for Linear Algebra Michael Hill & Rose Morris-Wright
Physics & Astronomy Exploring a Centralized Cloud Computing Infrastructure for Students at UCLA Tuan Do, Katsushi Arisaka, Jau Hauser
Physics & Astronomy/
Integrative Biology & Physiology/
Neurology/Chemistry & Biochemistry
OPCI: Open Undergraduate Physics Labs of Consciousness and Intelligence Katsushi Arisaka, Aaron Blaisdell, Stephanie White, Daniel Aharonim Laurent Bentolila
School of Nursing Tell Me About Research: Podcasts to Engage Paul Macey


Below are the awarded IIP Major Grant proposals from 2021-2022

Department Proposal Title PI(s)
African American Studies Ralph Bunche: Reply All –Diplomacy in Everyday Political Discourse Sobukwe Odinga
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences Asynchronous Rotating Tank Experiment Videos to Enhance Undergraduate Comprehension in Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluids Andrew Stewart, Jordyn Moscoso, Gang Chen
Biomedical Research Assessing the Success and Effectiveness of Virtual Laboratory Course Adaptations Carrie Spratford
Chemistry & Biochemistry Measuring the impact of an enhanced general chemistry course sequence on sense of belonging and persistence Albert Courey, Jennifer Casey, Justin Caram, Arlene Russell, Shanna Shaked
Chemistry & Biochemistry Improving students’ mastery in the Chemistry 14BL lab: Building on COVID-developed instructional tools Arlene Russell & Jennifer Casey
Dentistry Case Management and Treatment Planning; Clinical Treatment Planning Zaher Jabbour
Design Lay of the Land, Eye in the Sky: Drones for Environmental Justice Design Research and Practice Rebeca Mendez & Peter Lunenfeld
Design “Critical Game Culture” GE Development Eddo Stern
Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Experiential Lego-Based Labs for Introductory Computing Jonathan Aurnou
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Adding Genuine Research to a New Genetics Lab Class Rachel Prunier
Electrical Engineering Student Assistance and Program Continuous Improvement Greg Pottie & Ken Yang
Electrical Engineering Establishing Writing-II Courses within Engineering Majors Rick Wesel & Christine Holten
History Developing a Public History Toolkit Tawny Paul & Muriel McClendon
Life Sciences Core Education Development and Assessment of a New Course: Computer Programming for Life Scientists Sharmila Venugopal & Eric Deeds
Materials Science & Engineering Forging Machine for Innovative Applications in Material Forming Magdalena Balonis & Marta Pozuelo
Mathematics A more equitable grading scheme for Linear Algebra Michael Hill & Rose Morris-Wright
Physics & Astronomy Development of a Project-based Neuro-physics Lab for All STEM Majors after Lower-division Labs Katsushi Arisaka, Aaron Blaisdell, Jay Hauser
Political Science Development of General Education course “Global Catastrophic Risk: The Clash of Science, Politics, and Ethics” Susanne Lohmann
Psychology Video-based Child Observation Course Integration Initiative Elisheva Gross & Bonnie Goff


Below are the awarded IIP Major Grant proposals from 2020-2021

Department Proposal Title PI(s)
Asian Languages & Cultures Sound-Symbolic Word Audio Visual Resource Project Yumiko Kawanishi
Chemistry & Biochemistry Natural language processing of student teaching evaluations for lower-division courses Chong Liu
Design Design, Disability, and the Web Lauren McCarthy
Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences Analysis and display tools for remote sensing data Gilles Peltzer
Education Community Engagement and Community Partnerships Rashmita Mistry, Jason Dorio, Mitsue Yokota
Electrical Engineering Quantum toys: hands-on instruction of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computing Clarice Aiello & Mohammadreza Noormandipour
Life Sciences Core Education Leveraging Courselets for Improving Student Outcomes in Mathematics for Life Scientists Eric Deeds & Jukka Keranen
Physics & Astronomy Development of Flipped/Asynchronous Online Physics Labs: Physics 4AL/4BL/5AL/5BL/5CL/15L for all Scientists and Engineers Katsushi Arisaka, Jay Hauser, George Trammell, Aaron Blaisdell, Shanna Shaked, Elizabeth Mills
Political Science Programming games of cooperation, competition, coordination, and collaboration for online ethics instruction Susanne Lohmann
Psychology Proposal of a new course: Human Neuropsychology Lab William Grisham
Psychology Expanding the “TestYourself” question bank for psychology instructors and students Melissa Paquette-Smith, Courtney Clark, Megan Imundo, Victoria Cross
Theater Developing a Remote Acting for Virtual Environments Course Jeff Burke
Writing Programs Purchasing MOTE Voice Commenting for Google Docs Christine Holten


Below are the awarded IIP Major Grant proposals from 2019-2020

Department Proposal Title PI(s)
Anthropology Meeting Dual GE and Major Goals: Revamping a Lower Division Course, in Community Jessica Cattellino
Asian American Studies Census 2020 and the Undercount in Los Angeles County Natalie Masuoka
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences Integrating Research Cruises into Oceanographic Undergraduate Education Daniele Bianchi, Andrew Stewart, & Jeroen Molemaker
Chemistry & Biochemistry Curriculum Improvement of General Chemistry Enabled by Natural Language Processing of Student Teaching Evaluation Chong Liu
Chemistry & Biomolecular Engineering Enhancing Undergraduate Education in Nano-Scale Engineering Jane Chang, Eric Chiou, Yong Chen, CJ Kim, Kang Wang, Jason Woo, Subu Iyer, Marko Sokolich, Mark Goorsky, & Carissa Eisler
Civil & Environmental Engineering Enriching the Undergraduate Research Experience through an Experiential Course in Community-Engaged Environmental Research: Theory and Practice Jennifer Jay
Earth, Planetary, & Space Sciences/Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences Switching Matlab courses to Python Jon Aurnou & Jasper Kok
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology A Community Based Ecological Field Work Site for UCLA Students Leryn Gorlitsky & Alison Lipman
Education Community Engagement and Transformative Education Rashmita Mistry & Jason Dorio
Education Development of a Quantitative Research Methods Course Sequence, Integrating R Software, in Education & Social Transformation Rashmita Mistry & Mingjeong Jeon
Electrical Engineering Development of Technology and Society Course John Villasenor
Gender Studies Legislative Theater for Race and Gender Justice Claudia Peña & Bryonn Bain
Germanic Languages Flipping the GE Classroom Todd Presner
Institute of the Environment & Sustainability Assessment of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Undergraduate Research Scholars Program  Rebecca Shipe & Casandra Rauser
Library Learning Assistants and Learner-Led Design: Targeted Online Modules to Address High-Impact STEM Learning Challenges Doug Worsham, Shanna Shaked, & Renee Romero
Life Sciences Core Education Mindset, Locus of Control, and Learning in the Life Sciences Jeffrey Maloy
Linguistics Automated Skills-Based Grading and Skills Tracking in CCLE Megha Sundara & Adam Royer
Physics & Astronomy New Development of Hands-on Physics Laboratory for Scientists and Engineers: Revising Physics 4AL and 4BL Katsushi Arisaka, Jay Hauser, & George Trammell
Psychology Pathway to Assessing an Entire Major: The Neuroscience Evaluation of Undergraduate Realized Outcomes or N.E.U.R.O. Test William Grisham
Psychology Creating an Online Retrieval Practice Repository for Psychology Instructors and Students Melissa Paquette-Smith & Courtney Clark
World Arts & Cultures/Dance Ten Questions Victoria Marks


Below are the awarded IIP Major Grant proposals from 2018-2019

Department Proposal Title PI(s)
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences Increasing Undergraduate Comprehension of Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluids via Rotating Tank Experiments Andrew Stewart & Gang Chen
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences Data Analysis for Climate Science Neil Berg
Chemistry & Biochemistry Artificially Intelligent Assessment and Learning System for Chem 17 “Preparation for General Chemistry” Zhao Li & Yung-Ya Lin
Chemistry & Biochemistry Evaluating the impact of learning assistants in an introductory organic chemistry sequence for life science majors Rachel Prado & Roshini Ramachandran
Chemistry & Biochemistry Assessment of Teaching Practices in Chemistry 153L: A laboratory course on Introduction to Protein Science – What are reasons for the performance gap in the course? Which interventions will help to reduce this gap? Anne Hong-Hermesdorf
Chemistry & Biochemistry Machine Learning for every chemistry professional Anastassia Alexandrova
Chemistry & Biochemistry Creating valid, reliable pre- and post-assessment tools to assess students’ abilities to retain, transfer, and apply acid-base chemistry concepts in general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry Jennifer Casey, Heather Tienson-Tseng, Al Courey
Chemistry & Biochemistry Utilizing application-based science education videos in an undergraduate chemistry laboratory course for life science majors Roshini Ramachandran & Jennifer Casey
Communication Studies TV News Archive User Interface Improvement Francis Steen & Tim Groeling
Comparative Literature Classroom Coding for the Humanities David MacFadyen
Design p5.js: Developing a Tool for Making Art and Design with Code Lauren McCarthy
Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Geophysics Hawaii Volcano Field Trip Paul Davis
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Transforming Introduction to Ecology and Behavior into a more active classroom Daniel Blumstein
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Using Modern Classroom Technology in a Large, Upper-Division Class “Evolutionary Medicine” Pamela Yeh, Benison Pang, Jessica Gregg
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Sustainable Native Gardens Alison Lipman & Leryn Gorlitsky
French & Francophone Studies Implementing Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs) in the French Language Program at UCLA Kimberly Jansma & Laurence Denie
Integrative Biology & Physiology Achieving intimate research experience at scale Roy Wollman
Life Sciences Core Education A Pilot: Mobile All-in-one Virtual Reality computer station used in Laboratory Course Life Sciences LS23L Gaston Pfluegl
Life Sciences Core Education Enhancing Motivational Predictors of Student Success Across the Introductory Life Sciences Curriculum Jeffrey Maloy & Erin Sanders O’Leary
Musicology Creating Musical Community (Ethnomusicology/Music/Musicology M103) Nina Eidsheim & Mark Kligman
Musicology Videotape course: “The Reel Beatles” David Leaf
Physics & Astronomy Data-driven, Systematic, and Sustainable Transformation of Physics for Life Scientists Ian McLean, Katsushi Arisaka, Joshua Samani, George Trammell, Elizabeth Mills, Shanna Shaked
Physics & Astronomy Proposal to enhance infrastructure of 180E physics undergraduate lab Walter Gekelman
Psychology Developing a Tool to Assess the Learning Gains of the Neuroscience Curriculum William Grisham
World Arts & Cultures/Dance Legislative Theater for Racial Justice Robert Gordon, Bryonn Bain, David Gere