We are providing CSV data files for those departments and instructors who would like to use raw evaluation data for their own analysis.

First we would like to clarify:

It is NOT possible to trace back which student gave any particular answer, unless the student offered identifying information in her/his comments.

However, it is possible to correlate the number value responses of an evaluation to its corresponding written comment.

Included in the reports we provide to the departments/programs each quarter, is a folder named “Data Files”. Instructors would need to obtain these files from their dept/prog Evaluation Coordinator. To find out who that would be, please visit our Evaluation Coordinator Directory page.

This folder contains “RawData” files that are CSV files containing the responses from submitted forms for each individual course section evaluated online.

As of Spring of 2012, the RawData filename contains the name of the form used for the evaluation.

Currently the filename format for these files is:


An example would be:


In this example, the form name is “A_Instruct“.

The following instructions regarding using the Header Row Replacement File should only apply to files generated before 10/30/12. Any files generated after that date should have header rows that do not need alteration.

The header row of the spreadsheet contains the questions asked on the questionnaire form. Because these are CSV files, any question that contains a comma is split apart when generated (CSV stands for Comma-Separated Values). Therefore, questions in the header row of these RawData files become offset from the data.

To accurately read the columns with the correct wording of the questions, you will need to use a file that can be downloaded here to replace the default header row. Please click this link to download the Header Row Replacement File.

Now open both the Header Row Replacement File and a RawData file that you want to use for further analysis. Use the following steps to replace the header row:

  1. Make sure you know which form is being used in the target file.
  2. Clear contents of header row in target file.
  3. Copy Header Row from this file.
  4. Place your cursor on the cell at Row 1, Column A of the target file, and paste data.
  5. When making calculations in the data file, remember that Column A is the sheet number, not a response value.

With the corrected header row in place, you may now make your own statistical calculations including correlating the quantitative and qualitative responses.

Please note that in any column for data from open questions, the word “IMAGE” is displayed when no comment was given.