To participate in evaluations, each quarter students will agree to the EIP Disclaimer. For example:

How students access the evaluations:

The EIP Office sends an e-mail to students to let them know that the evaluation period has begun, lists the specific course sections to evaluate and the deadline for submission. The e-mail will have a direct link you can follow to MyUCLA; once you log in you will be at the Evaluation of Instruction page.

However, the email is not necessary to access the evaluations. Students can be logged in to MyUCLA and find them in a couple ways. One way is for the student to get to evaluations is from clicking the link on the Study List page. The MyUCLA Study List displays how many active evaluations are available. Clicking on the hyperlink takes the student to the Evaluation of Instruction page.

Students may also access the evaluations page by simply logging into MyUCLA and clicking on the Classes menu and then Evaluation of Instruction.

Once the Evaluation of Instruction page is reached, it will have some general information followed by links for any currently available evaluations. This graphic displays a typical example of the student’s view of the EIP page:

Clicking a course evaluation link will direct the student to the survey form for that specific class section.

Please fill out the forms carefully and be sure you know which instructor and class section you are evaluating. It is not possible to change or retract your evaluation once it is submitted online. The ability to change online survey responses would jeopardize the anonymity and integrity of the responses. EIP does not edit or change any student responses.

A pop-up screen appears when the student clicks on the survey “Submit” button. Clicking “OK” will submit your evaluation. “Cancel” will return you back to the evaluation so you may make a change.

Once submitted, the student is re-directed to the Evaluation of Instruction page. Please note it is not possible to go back, make changes or retract the submitted evaluation.

As you fill out the surveys any remaining evaluations should be displayed and those that have been submitted should no longer be visible. When you submit an evaluation form, the link for the class you just filled out a form for would be displayed temporarily with “(Completed)” next to it. When you press the “Refresh Links” button, then that link should disappear. The end of the quarter is a high volume use of the system at this time, so please allow a moment whenever clicking the “submit” or “OK” buttons.