Q:    When is the deadline to fill out evaluations?
A:    The deadline for students to evaluate your course(s) is stated in the e-mail notifications we send. Our office sends emails to instructors using the email addresses listed in the UCLA Directory. If you are not receiving our emails, please update your contact information with them. Please visit our Online Evaluation Schedule page for a listing of specific dates.

Q:    What do I do if I cannot access my evaluations reports?
A:    Please visit our Instructor Access to Online Evaluation Reports page for detailed information.

Q:    Are paper evaluations still an option?
A:    No, EIP is no longer able to process any paper evaluations. As of Fall quarter 2016, all evaluations are conducted using the online evalaution system.

Q:    How do my students know when to evaluate my class?
A:    Students receive an e-mail at the start of the evaluation period inviting them to participate. This email includes the date and time of the deadline in the first sentance. We send two reminders after the first notification. Each e-mail will include an updated list of classes that require evaluation. If you would like to see a sample of this e-mail, please see Online Evaluation Email Notifications page.

Q:    What if my students miss the deadline to fill out the evaluation – can they fill it out afterward?
A:    No online evaluations may be filled out after the survey deadline specified in the notification e-mails for both students and instructors. EIP is not able to extend the evaluation period due to missed deadlines.

Q:    What if a student makes a mistake filling out the evaluation.  Can it be corrected or taken back?
A:    It is not possible to change or retract an evaluation once it is submitted online since anonymity makes it impossible to identify specific answers. We suggest students contact the instructor’s department to provide clarification. We have done our best to mitigate these types of errors by having the instructor’s name in the link students click to fill out evaluations. However, from time to time students still get confused and mistakenly fill out an evaluation for the wrong instructor. EIP does not edit or remove the submissions of students.

Q:    Will I be able to see the evaluation reports before I turn in grades?
A:    No, this is not possible. All grades for a class must be submitted via Gradebook/Gradebook Express in order for the instructor and TA’s to have access to their reports.

Q:    Will I be able to tell who gave particular answers since this is done through MyUCLA?
A:    Answers to this survey are anonymous and confidential. All responses are stored in a secure database that is not connected to an identity of an individual student.

Q:    Will I be able to read my students’ comments?
A:    Yes, the report the instructors receive contains the written comments.

Q:    When and how will I be able to see the results of the evaluation?
A:    We send an e-mail to instructors after the evaluations close with instructions on how to access the reports. You may view a sample of this e-mail on our Online Evaluation Email Notifications page. You may also follow the instructions on the page Instructor Access to Online Evaluation Reports.

Q:    What if I turn in grades past the deadline?
A:    When grades are submitted late for any reason, instructors and associated Teaching Assistants will no longer be able to access their reports through MyUCLA. Instead, they will need to contact the department’s Evaluation Coordinator to receive a copy of the evaluation report. If you need to find out who the Evaluation Coordinator is for a department, please visit our Evaluation Coordinator Directory.

Q:    How can I get better response rates with online evaluations?
A:    EIP has created a resource for instructors that details practical tips to implement in order to encourage student response. Find a copy here: Best Practices for Encouraging Responses with Online Evaluations.

Q:    I plan to submit grades prior to the end date of the evaluation period. Will my students still be able to evaluate?
A:    No. By submitting grades during the evaluation period, the evaluations for your course will be closed and students will no longer be able to evaluate.