Q:    When is the deadline to fill out evaluations?
A:    The deadline for your specific evaluations is stated in the e-mail notification we send, as well as on our Online Evaluation Schedule page. As a general guideline, each quarter the majority of evaluations begin at 8:00 AM the Tuesday of Week 9 and are available for 11 days, ending at 8:00 AM the Saturday before the week of Finals.

Q:    What do I do if I cannot access my evaluations?
A:    Please take a screenshot of the issue or error message received if possible. If you are experiencing difficulty with logging into MyUCLA, the website crashing, or evaluation links not working properly, then please contact UIT Helpdesk at 310.206.4525 or helpdesk@college.ucla.edu. If you are not seeing your courses listed, please contact our office at 310.825.6939 or eip@teaching.ucla.edu. Please include the screenshot, your name, UID#, and specific course sections and instructor information. You may also visit our Student Access to Online Evaluations page for more information.

Q:    How do I know which of my classes are being evaluated online?
A:    The e-mail sent from our office will list the courses that are available for you to evaluate. Reminder e-mails will show updated lists of the courses that still need to be evaluated. If you complete all the evaluations, no reminders will be sent. Departments may choose to exclude certain courses from evaluation. To see if one of your courses is excluded from evaluation, please visit the Exception List.

Q:    How many reminders will I receive?
A:    We send two reminders after the first notification that surveys are available. Each e-mail reminder will include an updated list of classes that require evaluation. You will not receive further e-mails once all of your courses are evaluated.

Q:    I missed the deadline to fill out the evaluation – can I fill it out now?
A:    No, online evaluations may not be filled out after the survey deadline specified in your notification e-mail. EIP is not able to grant extensions for students due to missed deadlines.

Q:    I’ve made a mistake filling out the evaluation.  Can I correct it or take it back?
A:    It is not possible to change or retract your evaluation once it is submitted online since anonymity makes it impossible to identify specific answers. You may contact the instructor’s department to provide clarification via email if you wish. Please contact your department’s Evalution Coordinator. To see who that would be, please visit the Evaluation Coordinator Directory.

Q:    Will my grade in the course be influenced by my evaluation?
A:    No, this is not possible. Instructors and TA’s are not able to see their evaluation reports until they have turned in grades. The evaluation reports they are provided contain aggregated information and no specific responses or ratings can be traced back to individual students. Some instructors choose to give participation credit to students for completing evaluations. If this is the case, failing to complete evaluations for that course would mean losing the extra/participation credit offered for completing them.

Q:    Will my instructors know my answers since the evaluation link is through MyUCLA?
A:    No, this is not possible. Your answers to the evaluation surveys are anonymous and confidential. All responses are stored in a secure database that is not connected to your identity. The only way a student’s identity might be compromised would be if they were to write something identifying in the comments section. Our office has no way to protect against this, as we do not edit student submissions.

Q:    Will my professor and TA be able to read my comments?
A:    Yes, the report the instructors receive contains the written comments. Please be thoughtful as these are used for instructional development, and serve to help future students.

Q:    How can I nominate my professor or TA for a teaching award?
A:    Please contact the Evaluation Coordinator for the instructor’s department and let them know you would like to nominate your teacher for the Distinguished Teaching Award. They will have you write a letter which goes to the Department Chair, who in turn submits the nomination to the Distinguished Teaching Award Selection Committee. We are glad you are having a positive experience and wish to nominate your instructor. If you need to know who your instructor’s Evaluation Coordinator is, please visit Evaluation Coordinator Directory. Additional information about the Distinguished Teaching Award can be found on our website.

Q:    Is participation in evaluating my instructors required?
A:    Participation in evaluations is voluntary. However, your feedback is a valued resource and essential for instructional development at UCLA. Thank you for your participation.