The Media Lab includes individual carrels for video, audio, and interactive video, as well as eight group rooms.

Individual Carrels

There are over 40 carrels available to clients for viewing media. The carrels are connected to DVD players, VCRs, laser disc players and other media players. Headphone splitters are also available for two viewers sharing the same title.

There are also individual carrels dedicated to audio instruction. Ten carrels are equipped with play/record tape decks that also have a “skip back” function to allow repetition of key words or phrases for listening practice or transcription. This equipment is generally used for foreign languages, Communication Studies, Sociology, and Linguistic courses.

We also provide listening services for ESL, foreign languages, Communication Studies, and Sociology, and viewing services for materials from the IMCS and Film & Television Archives.


There are eight viewing rooms (capacities ranging from 3 to 34 persons) in the Media Lab available for media use. The rooms accommodate classes and enable large numbers of people to use high-demand media. The two largest rooms are equipped with dry-erase boards and screens for overhead projectors. Instructors can contact Audio Visual Services if other equipment is needed.

At least two persons are required for room assignment, when available.

We also supply space for testing on an appointment basis.

Department administrators, professors, and TAs may make room reservations by calling or visiting the Media Lab.

Video Equipment

  • 18 VHS video players
  • 2 Tri-standard (NTSC/Secam/PAL) video players
  • 4 Laser disc players
  • 30 DVD players (with Blu-Ray)

We also have older legacy equipment on a limited basis. Most machines are either connected to individual viewing carrels or can be programmed to viewing rooms.

Multimedia Equipment

  • 4 Macintosh Interactive Multimedia Workstations
  • 2 PC Interactive Multimedia Workstations

Computers in the Media Lab are set up to accommodate CD-ROM programs available at the front desk. These computers can only be used for these programs. For laptop rental or Internet access, contact CLICC on the first floor of Powell Library or in the Math Sciences building.