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Each quarter, the TA Training Program offers teaching workshops useful to both North and South Campus graduate students and post-docs. All of our workshops are held in small-group settings, with hands-on activities and lots of time for questions and discussion. Whether you are a current TA or would like to TA in the future, please join us to learn new strategies and skills for the classroom.

We have over 15 workshops running this fall! Please visit our CCLE site or click on one of the workshops in the calendar below to register.


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The Foundation Series

This series of five 90-minute workshops is designed with the novice teacher in mind. Each workshop provides an introduction into key concepts and strategies for developing an evidence-based teaching practice. All first-time teachers are encouraged to attend this series.

The five workshops that comprise the series are:

  • How Students Learn
  • Creating Inclusive Classrooms
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Lesson Planning
  • Active Learning Strategies (choose one of the three versions below)
    • for Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (focuses on text-based discussion strategies)
    • for Labs (focuses on strategies specific to the laboratory setting)
    • for STEM discussion sections (focuses on problem-based discussion strategies)
  • Assessment and Grading

While each workshop is a self-contained unit and it is not necessary to attend the workshops in any particular order, the order above is suggested in order to provide the most support to novice teachers’ learning.

In case you missed workshops during the Fall TA Conference…

Leading Discussion Sections Remotely

The aim of this 90-minute workshop is to help further develop participants’ confidence in their ability to teach online by exposing them to a variety of active learning strategies in digital environments. It will help them to begin developing a toolkit for engaging your students effectively during an online discussion section, with plenty of opportunities for practicing these tools both as an administrator and as a student. This workshop will model some activities that TAs might use in their discussion section, such as Zoom, Hypothesis, Kahoot, Mentimeter, and Google Docs.

Facilitated by:
Robyn Price, Ph.D. Candidate, Archaeology

Click here to access the recording, materials, and additional resources


Time Management: Meeting Multiple Goals as a TA, Grad Student, and Human

Being a TA can be challenging. You juggle research, teaching schedules, important meetings, and your personal life. There is no universal roadmap for how to keep all of these priorities balanced and sequenced properly, but this workshop will help you organize your quarterly schedule and prioritize tasks according to importance and urgency. You will learn strategies to achieve balance and identify online and campus resources to support your time-management goals.

Facilitated by:
Michelle Gaston, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning Initiatives and the TA Training Program Coordinator at CAT

Click here to access the materials and additional resources (Zoom snafu – no recording this time, unfortunately)

Getting Mid-quarter Feedback on your Teaching

Mid-quarter feedback is a quick way for instructors to gain important insights into how students are feeling about their progress and to learn what is and isn’t working in a class so that you can make adjustments. In this one-hour workshop, you will learn why you should ask your students for mid-quarter feedback, review some best practices for collecting information, and discuss what to do with feedback once you get it. You will leave the workshop with a toolkit for implementing mid-quarter feedback, including some templates for CCLE and Google Forms.

Facilitated by:
Michelle Gaston, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning Initiatives and the TA Training Program Coordinator at CAT
Katie Dixie, Ph.D., Lecturer in Life Sciences Core and Program Representative at CEILS

Click here to access the recording, materials, and additional resources