Professors and Teaching Assistants

If you would like to make a film in the IMCS collection available to your students, you can place it on reserve for viewing in the Media Lab.

Contact the IMCS office (at 310-825-0755,, or visit in person at Powell 46) to make your request.

Or, if you have your own legal copy of a film, you can place that on reserve in the Media Lab by taking it to the IMCS office in Powell Library, Room 46. Please have tape labeled with the following information:

  1. Instructor’s name
  2. Department
  3. Course number
  4. Phone number and e-mail address

Reserves will be available in the Media Lab in the morning of the next working day in the Powell Library, Room 270.

Instructors may also request that some IMCS video reserves be encoded and made available online through their course web page. Materials are made available as quickly as possible but may be delayed by a day or two, particularly during busy times (e.g., the beginning of each quarter). Video links will appear on the course’s Moodle or CCLE page. In order to provide equal access, the physical media is also available for reserve in-person viewing in the Media Lab, Powell Library, Room 270.

Please visit the Online Content Request form to request online reserves.


If you missed a film in class (or would like to view it again) and your instructor has placed the item on reserve, you may view it in the UCLA Media Lab, in Powell Library, Room 270. Contact your instructor or the Instructional Media Collections & Services at 310-825-0755 or to confirm that the title is on reserve in the Media Lab.

If the film you wish to see is not on reserve, please see policy for student access.