Questions about the Content Digitizing program are addressed in the Digital Content FAQ.

What do I need to bring with me to use the Media Lab?
All clients must leave a photo ID at the front desk in order to use lab facilities. If you are previewing a title from the Instructional Media Collections & Services (IMCS) collection, you must also present a yellow preview slip.

What kind of movies do you have?
All the video titles in the Media Lab are from the IMCS and Film & Television Archive (ARSC) collections. To locate materials in the collections please access their databases through the Alma online library system.

Can I check these tapes out?
All materials and equipment are for lab use only. Faculty may make arrangements through the IMCS to have materials from that collection shown in the classroom, then returned to the Media Lab. Materials from the Film & Television Archives do not circulate outside the Powell Library Building.

Can I bring in my own movie/video rental?
University Counsel has determined that rental videos obtained from stores distributing to the home market may not be used in a classroom or laboratory setting since this would constitute a public performance. All personally owned movies and other videos must be approved through the IMCS before they can be viewed in the Media Lab.

Do you have musicology tapes?
Musicology audio tapes are located at the Reserves Circulation Desk, across the rotunda on the second floor of Powell.

Where can I access my e-mail/internet?
E-mail access can be obtained through the CLICC labs in Powell. Internet access is available through the CLICC labs or any of the computers in the main library.