Video Materials

The Media Lab serves as the viewing facility for materials owned by two sources:

A listing of titles in these collections is available to search in the IMCS Collection database accessible online. Video materials must be reserved in advance through the IMCS or ARSC (both located in 46 Powell Library). These materials may be placed on reserve for viewing in the Media Lab for periods from one week to one quarter. Faculty may also arrange with the IMCS to make available their own instructional videos (e.g., lectures or demonstrations).

Audio Materials

The Media Lab has audio materials for a variety of subjects:

  • More than 75 foreign languages
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Sociology and Humanities
  • Communication Studies
  • Linguistics

NOTE : Audio tapes for Musicology classes are located at the Reserves Desk in Powell Library. Also, several foreign language materials are available through CLICC and Humanities Technology (HumTech).

Audio tapes are provided to clients on a first-come-first-serve basis. Faculty may add to the audio collection by consulting with the Media Lab manager.

The following audio tape series are available for purchase from the Media Lab. These tapes are sold at a cost to students to facilitate language instruction.

  • Al-Kitaab, Part 1 & Part 2
  • Alif Baa
  • Chinese 1 & 2
  • Elementary Korean 1-3

Interactive Video Material

The lab has 7 computer stations set up for multimedia use. CD-ROMS currently available are:

  • Claro Que Si!
  • Travel Tur
  • Maps and Civilization
  • Atlas of Human Anatomy
  • Macbeth
  • Salt of the Earth

Interactive videodisc programs include:

  • Hilacha
  • Ucuchi (Quechua)

These materials are also available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Copyright Information

All of the media materials are protected under US copyright laws. The Media Lab and IMCS comply with US copyright laws as well as the University of California policies. This means that no copies of any media may be made without permission of the copyright owners. Student copies of audio tapes explicitly state “Reproduction Prohibited.” Please feel free to contact the Media Lab or the IMCS for more information regarding the University’s policies.