Haines 122


Capacity: 20
Data Projection: Yes
Classroom Computer: None
Video Playback: Inputs Only
Sound System: Media Only
Live Stream Capability: Camera Connection Only
BruinCast Recording: None
Wi-Fi: Yes
Furniture: Movable


  • Data Projection

    • A short-throw projector is located above the whiteboard. When activated, it will project an image onto the whiteboard. There is not a screen in this room.
    • HDMI and VGA cables are available for laptop or device connection. If your device does not have these outputs, you will need to bring the appropriate adapter.

    Video Playback

    • The HDMI cable is available for media player connection.
    • Blu-ray / DVD / VHS players are available for checkout from Audio Visual Services.

    Internet Access

    Sound System

    • The HDMI cable is available to connect media devices (laptops, portable devices, media players, etc.) for media sound.
    • There is no voice amplification system available in this room.

    Live Stream & Web-Conference

    • This classroom is equipped with a camera mounted in the ceiling. There is a USB-B input on the wall panel that will send a video signal to an instructor’s own laptop.
    • There is an AV pack at the front of the room that contains a remote control to control the camera, and a USB-A to USB-B cable to connect to the wall input.
    • By launching a Zoom meeting from an instructor’s own device, the instructor can receive a video signal to live stream a class, record, or both. The audio signal would need to be provided by the microphone on the instructor’s own device.

    m available in this room.